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Find our Going Native brochure at local nurseries or click on the brochure to the left to view and print your own copy.

If provided, we will post native and native cultivar* lists from local nurseries. Click on the nursery name below.

If you would like to see another business listed here, please contact us.

*Please be aware that native cultivars are for landscaping purposes and are not intended to be planted in a wild, native setting.


Although Dubois County does have chain stores that may carry native cultivars, our current goal is to promote and list independent nurseries that choose to carry non-invasive plants.

For More Native Plant Resources...

For more help in choosing and finding native plants for your landscape, visit the Indiana Native Plant Society website, or Facebook Group.  

Visit our Resources Page for all of our alterNATIVE handouts that list native plants that make excellent alternatives to popular invasive landscaping like Callery Pear and Burning Bush.  

OR, if you're having problems finding a particular native plant, try our new handout listing several regional and catalog providers, specializing in native plants.  

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